Leading and Learning the Culture of IKEA

Leading and Learning the Culture of IKEA

IKEA St Louis (map)

When you tour the IKEA space and spend a little time with the staff you realize something special is happening here.  As educators, by reaching outside the walls of education we can learn new and innovative ideas on how we may create a new culture in our classroom, school and community.

Come learn from the leaders that design and create the culture and bring back strategies to impact your community.

Improv Skills for Educators

Improv Skills for Educators

Metro High School (map)

Come learn new Improv games, strategies and activities to build community with your colleagues and students!

Improv is so much more than comedy.  It's learning about discomfort, agreeing and running with an idea, it's truly listening to another person, it's empathy and putting yourself in another person's shoes.  You know what else?  It's FUN!  It'll make you laugh, it'll change how you interact with students.

It all starts with:

1.  Accept every offer.

2.  Make your partner look good.

Great rules for a classroom, great rules for life!

Come join us, do some improv and learn about how you can bring these tools to students in your school and classroom!

Learning Space Design Scavenger Hunt

Learning Space Design Scavenger Hunt

IKEA (map)

Great design is often elusive, especially to those (like me) who struggle with good design.  Learn, discover, grow, and shift your mindset in order to expand your possibilities.  Together let's uncover the experiences we want our students to have.  

When we better understand the experiences we want our students to have we can then design your amazing space.  

Learn how to bring your instruction to life and find amazing resources to revitalize your space.

No, we're not selling Ikea products, but we will teach design theories and seek out examples of those theories out in the store.  It's a seek and find for great design!  

Hope to see you there!

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Rockwood South Middle School (map)

Chromecamp is an “unconference,” a free, non-commercial gathering of passionate educators who share an interest in a particular topic – in this case, the Chrome (the browser and OS) and the entire Google Ecosystem. Attendees volunteer to run sessions – conversations, not presentations – on specific topics related to this theme (or not – sessions can also be about social media or other educational concepts, but the emphasis is on Chrome and Google.)

Chromecamp 2018-01.png
Connected Learning Gala

Connected Learning Gala


Please join us for the first annual Connected Learning Gala for Innovation and Technology! We are shining the spotlight on 15 local educators, demonstrating innovative programs, and sharing our mission of connecting educators. Dinner and drinks are included. Our fundraising goal is $20,000 to continue bringing amazing professional development opportunities to St. Louis. We hope that you will show your support on April 12th!

  • Tickets: $35 per person or $350 per table

  • Reception: 6pm

  • Dinner & Auction: 7pm

  • Attire: Cocktail

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