Missouri Summit Featuring Apple Education

Missouri Summit Featuring Apple Education

Ladue Horton Watkins High School (map)

With deep roots in education, Apple has become a symbol of innovation and elegance in design. From iPhones, iPads, MacBooks to creativity and wonder, the device as well as the culture paves the way for possibility and innovation. Join educators from around our region to play, learn, create and explore possibilities in the world around Apple.

Conference Agenda:

8:30am - 9:00 Registration

9:00 - 9:10 Welcome

9:10 - 10:10 Keynote

10:10 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 11:20 Session 1

11:20 - 12:20 Lunch Break

12:20 - 1:10 Session 2

1:20 - 2:10 Session 3

2:20 - 3:00 Wrap



Rebecca has a BFA in industrial design from The European Design Institute in Milan, Italy and a M.A.T. in art from Fontbonne University, St. Louis. SHe has worked in Italy for ten years as a design consultant and creative director, creating spaces and designing products (from MRI machines and coffee makers to hair brushes) for global companies before becoming fascinated with education. Her master’s thesis focused on design thinking, evaluating, and enhancing creativity through the study of design and art. She has collaborated with a number of schools, designing learning spaces that enhance student learning and taught in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami before moving back to St. Louis to become a part of the amazing learning community in the Clayton School District.

Event Sessions

Session board

Jana Gerard Learning Specialist for Educational Technology - Lindenwood University

They gave me these iPads. Now What?

Do you have access to iPads but you aren’t sure what what to do with them? This session will cover the basics of Apple Classroom and using Google and Office apps. We will also look at apps for math, literacy, presentations, and student engagement. At the end of this session you should know the basics of what you can do with those iPads!

Greg Lawrence Director of Technology - Wentzville Schools

Creating In Hand: More Powerful Than You Think

It’s time for our students to create and what’s amazing is the mobile devices they carry around in their pockets (I know you have noticed the white earbuds) can compose music, produce a movie, design a poster, and so much more!!! Come experience and rethink the power of iPad/iPhone and how it can transform learning in our learning spaces. Your students are more powerful than you think!

Don Goble Media Teacher and Speaker - Ladue School District

Six-Word Story, Six Unique Shots: Enhancing Writing Through Multimedia

Explore an activity that brings the writing process to life with digital storytelling. A simple six-word story, created as a video with six unique camera shots, allows students the ability to tell a powerful visual story. This presentation will guide educators through a unique project that addresses the fundamentals of media literacy, filmmaking, and the digital storytelling process.

Robert Dillon Director of Technology - University City School District

Sync Your Digital Space to Support Excellent Instruction

Learning space continue to be digital for more students. It is essential that teachers and leaders think like designers to sync their instructional goals with the digital space that guides the learning. This session with look at core principles that can support this achievement creation for students.

Colleen Skiles Teacher - Troy R-3 School District

HyperKeynote? HyperPages? Hyper What? HyperPages? HyperKeynote?

It does not matter the platform it starts from, what matters is the learning that takes place. The concept behind “hyper” is the increase in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, connection and real-life engagement. Make any lesson “hyper” with AppleEdu, include multiple platform and application integration, personalize learning, and increase reflection from the learner and the educator. Let's get Hyped!

Sadie Lewis Instructional Innovation Specialist - Mehlville School District

Clips in the Classroom

Video creation doesn't have to be a long process using advanced software. Clips is an iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more. Using Clips, students can plan their video and start creating right away - allowing them to focus on content and creation. In this session, attendees will experience video creation in Clips, learn the easy to use tools, and walk away with lesson ideas that can be used in the classroom.

Shannon Anderson Teacher, gifted coordinator, author - Rensselaer Central School Corporation

Five Ways Technology Can Make Your Kids Love Writing

Want 5 fun ways to use technology to make writing fun? Children's book author and teacher, Shannon Anderson, will show you how to use Pages, Keynote, and various apps to go beyond your basic writing assignment. Kids will love learning how to use tools and resources to make their creations look amazing.

Rob Lamb Teacher - Pattonville School District

Infographic Use and Creation in the Classroom.

In this session we will discuss ways to incorporate infographics into the classroom and also how to successfully create them with Pages and Keynote. This will also include several lesson ideas to help students better understand how to navigate through an infographic and techniques to follow the breadcrumbs back to the source of the information presented to determine its validity. Takeaways will be provided.

Michael McCann Instructional Technology Coach - Wentzville Schools

iPads for Littles

Guide your littlest learners through a creative journey on the iPad. Help students use different types of media to become content creators. In this session, we will utilize different apps that range from easy to use to more complex. Participants will gain insight on how to scaffold a lesson on the iPad as well as differentiate for different learners. Participants will need an iPad with the following: access to the camera and microphone, Clips app, Garageband app, and iMovie app.

Lonni Long ESL Teacher - Troy R-3 School District

Language and Literacy development for Newcomer EL Learners

It is so easy and engaging for students new to the country to use the Ipad to promote English Literacy and Language development. With guidance, students can create books to support their learning of sight words, vocabulary words, and sentence structure.

Stephanie McCreary District Technology Specialist - Pattonville School District

Personalized Publishing: Voice & Choice

See 15+ examples of how students can publish their writing/learning, from podcasts to e-books to videos. Publishing refers to any type of writing OR communication of ideas & information. 90% of the session is hands-on. Choose 1 app you want to explore in this hands-on session. Bring your iPad & headphones. Make sure you are updated to iOS12 and you have the latest version of Keynote and Pages.

Jennifer Orton Innovative Learning Specialist - Knox County R-1 Schools

Stop Searching and Start Creating!

The App Store has thousands of apps to choose from and searching can be time consuming and overwhelming! Stop searching and focus on the Apple apps that come with your iPad! This session will focus on the iPad how you can use Apps such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Clips and iMovie to create, learn, and collaborate in your classroom today!

Kristie Lehde Technology Specialist - Ladue School District

Reminders- the unsung hero of organizational tools for teachers and administrators.

Attendees will experience the vast number of options that the Reminders app offers in keeping todo lists organized and easy to maintain. From general todo lists, to being reminded of a list when I walk into a specific place, to alarms reminding of tasks that need completion, and communicating and collaboration todo lists with teammates, will make any educators life more efficient and effective.

Tammy Hasheider District Technology Specialist - Pattonville School District

Everyone Can Create - Posters, Infographics, Movies, Oh my!

When students create, they learn and remember. Using ideas from this session both teachers and students can become creative communicators and innovative designers. This is a hands-on session where you will learn new ways to create professional looking posters, flyers, infographics, and even movies with Keynote, Pages, Quicktime, Photobooth, and iMovie.

Christine Ruder Teacher - Rolla Public Schools & Debbie Fucoloro Teacher - Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Make Learning a Snap: Using Student Images for Deeper Understanding

Heard of #BookSnaps? Let’s try #LearningSnaps! First, use Keynote to have students create personal learning-mojis. Then, use the learning-mojis with iPad apps such as, Book Creator, SeeSaw, PicCollage, Google Slides, or Padlet, etc. to have your students illustrate their thinking about concepts they are learning in class. Using #LearningSnaps allows students to reflect and share their understanding in an engaging, personalized manner.

Michelle Gilmer Instructional Technology Coach - Sikeston R-6 Schools

Opening the Lens to Learning: Cameras in the Classroom

Almost 20 years ago I presented 75 Ways to Use Digital Cameras in the Classroom at ISTE. That digital camera was a Sony Mavica with floppy disk storage! Today the most widely used camera is the iPhone, which not only takes amazing photos but includes easy to use editing tools. Students love cameras - selfies, snapchat, viral videos! Yet many schools block the cameras on student devices. The goal of this session is to help educators see the benefits of using cameras for learning.

Apple Summit 3:2.001.jpeg
Connected Teachers: Social Emotional Cohort Series

Connected Teachers: Social Emotional Cohort Series

Webster University - WH 204 (map)

Join a group of Connected Teachers that will meet on a regular basis to discuss various topics.  In this series, teachers will come together to discuss issues related to Social-Emotional Learning such as restorative practice, parent perspectives, researched-based resources, etc.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for both general and special education teachers to gather, connect, and share ideas about how to address the social-emotional needs of our students.

Event Topics include:

2/2/19 - Resources Swap
3/2/19 - BalancED - Self-care expo
4/6/19 - Parent Perspective on SEL
5/4/19 - Restorative practice and social justice

All sessions are from 9-11 am and will be held at Webster University in Webster Hall room 204. We have a hard cap of 40 but I would like to be able to stream sessions. Joining the group will also ensure you have access to a site that will house resources, meeting notes, etc.

Don't Miss Out!

CT SEL.001.jpeg
ChromeCamp IL

ChromeCamp IL

Alton High School (map)

What is ChromeCamp?

Chromecamp is a gathering of educators with the focus exploring how Google’s ecosystem can be beneficial in the classroom. Sessions are run by fellow teachers who volunteer to assist other educators learn about Google extensions; representatives from Google are not present, it is an educator-run and attended event.

Event Schedule:

8:30 - 9:00 Cafeteria - Breakfast,

Sign up on session boards

9:05 - 9:45 CLASSROOMS Session 1

9:50 - 10:35 CLASSROOMS Session 2

10:40 - 11:25 CLASSROOMS Session 3

11:30-11:50 Google SLAM

11:50 - 12:00 Large Group Share out and closing

IL Chomrecamp.001.jpeg
The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness

Bellville School District 201 (map)

Back by popular demand!

After a successful nearly sold out session we’re partnering with Dr. Bono and Bellville School District 201 to repeat the same workshop again! Dinner, Book and learning included!

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

What makes people happy and how can we increase happiness in our lives? Our society sends us many messages about what should make us happy (which many people buy into—literally). What does the research suggest about the validity of these messages? It turns out there may be an even simpler path to living the good life. In this presentation Washington University professor Tim Bono will review some of his favorite studies from his popular course on the Science of Happiness and outline simple research-based strategies we can all incorporate into our lives to become just a little happier everyday.

Dr. Tim Bono is a faculty member in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Washington University. His teaching and research focus on positive psychology and college student development, and his work has been featured in a number of national media outlets, including CNN, Fast Company, NBC News, and The Associated Press. At WashU he has won several teaching awards and thousands of students have taken his courses on the Psychology of Young Adulthood and the Science of Happiness. He summarizes the research from those courses, along with how his students have put that information into practice in their own lives, in his new book entitled When Likes Aren't Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness.

Presentation Outline:

1) Debunking myths around the pursuit of happiness

2) The importance of gratitude/keeping things in perspective when things go wrong (i.e., we still have to address adversity when it comes up, but not get so caught up in it that we stop giving attention to building on what's working, too).

3) The importance of prosocial behavior, feeling a sense that you are connected to something bigger than yourself

4) The importance of sleep and exercise for psychological health

5) Emotional intelligence and not jumping to conclusions about what others are thinking and feeling.

Happiness flyer IL.001.jpeg
Chromecamp - MO

Chromecamp - MO

Liberty High School (map)

Chromecamp is an “unconference,” a free, non-commercial gathering of passionate educators who share an interest in a particular topic – in this case, the Chrome (the browser and OS) and the entire Google Ecosystem. Attendees volunteer to run sessions – conversations, not presentations – on specific topics related to this theme (or not – sessions can also be about social media or other educational concepts, but the emphasis is on Chrome and Google.)

MO Chromecamp.001.jpeg
MADE for Educators

MADE for Educators

MADE (map)

Makers. Artists. Designers. Entrepreneurs. All have a space in MADE.

Join other educators as we tour this amazing space, play on the laser cutter, CNC router, embroidery machine and have fun MAKING together. You can even learn about how to become a member of MADE.

Learning, Light Dinner, and Drinks Included.

About MADE:

MADE is the place where St. Louis Makers, Artists, Designers, and Entrepreneurs create and collaborate. Our co-founders, Jim McKelvey and Doug Auer (the guys who brought you Third Degree Glass Factory), acted quickly when a makerspace chain went bankrupt in St. Louis, leaving over 500 local makers in the lurch. Our friends at Cortex gave Jim and Doug the tools they needed to get started, literally. We snagged all the machinery from the old place and hustled on out of there. After a year spent rehabbing a 100-year old brick bunker of a building on Delmar, we plugged in our gear, polished up the terrazzo floors, and opened our doors in November 2018. There is work in this world only you can make. Your side hustle, your bright idea, your passion project. MADE is where it’s going to happen. From the ground up. With your own two hands.

Come check out:

  • Demo on the laser cutter

  • Demo on CNC router

  • Demo on the embroidery machine

  • Create with a hands-on activity

But Wait, There's More!

  • Tour the amazing space

  • Learn more about MADE and the thriving Maker community

  • Walk away with something YOU made

  • Learn about how you and/or your school can become members of MADE

We can't wait to see you MAKE something awesome!

MADE flyer.001.jpeg
School and Community Trivia Night

School and Community Trivia Night

Innovation Hall (map)

What High School Did You Go To?!?!?

You’ve seen the Niche rankings, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ranks schools, but which school and community can battle it out and come out ahead? Bragging rights for ‘Trivia Night Champion’ is on the line. Gather your team and register today!

Compete in two divisions:

- School vs School - Who has the “smartest” staff? Staff members at a school compete versus other staff members. NOTE: You must bring your school ID to compete.

- Community vs. Community - Which community has the “smartest” residents? Anyone can participate but you will be asked to choose which school gets to hold your trophy! You might want to tell them so there isn't an awkward phone call after you win.

How to Register your Team/School:

  • Secure Team of 8

  • Determine which school you’re going to compete from or for

  • Click Button Below

  • Input a Group/Team page with the school/district name

  • Eventbrite will create a private group page where everyone can register/pay themselves

  • Register yourself and any others

  • Send others the link to your private team page to register

  • Get Excited!!

Flyer Trivia Night.001.jpeg


Dressel Elementary (map)

An "UNconference" devoted to all things STEAM in K-12 education.

Breakout sessions focused on implementing Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics into every grade level and multiple subjects for all learners. 

Participants will walk away with several strategies to implement and integrate STEAM into all forms of curriculum. They will also be able to build a network of STEAM educators to share experiences and newly discovered lessons and connections.

What is an UNconference?

An unconference is basically a conference without predefined topics. There is a high-level structure and theme, but actual topics are generated by the participants on the spot, and breakout groups are formed dynamically based on interest and relevance.

SPEDcamp St. Louis

SPEDcamp St. Louis

Ladue Horton Watkins High School (map)

This event will be a half day UNconference for educators, community members, and parents to collaborate and discuss topics related to special education services, Therapeutic services, social/emotional learning, gifted education, community based learning, related services, etc.

What is an UNconference?

An unconference is basically a conference without predefined topics. There is a high-level structure and theme, but actual topics are generated by the participants on the spot, and breakout groups are formed dynamically based on interest and relevance. Forget all the pre-planning and boring powerpoints, connect, share, collaborate and learn together.