BalancED: Yoga

BalancED: Yoga

Prana Yoga St Louis (map)

Connected Learning presented BalancED! A series of events focused on helping you put the balance back in your life.

Feeling burnt out and stretched too thin? Join us for an hour long, all-levels yoga class and healthy snacks. You'll feel refreshed, energized and balanced! After class, hop off the mat and sample healthy snacks. Registration is $10, which includes yoga and food. 

Improv Skills for Educators and Leaders

Improv Skills for Educators and Leaders

North Kirkwood Middle School (map)

Improv is so much more than comedy.  It's learning about discomfort, agreeing and running with an idea, it's truly listening to another person, it's empathy and putting yourself in another persons shoes.  You know what else?  It's FUN!  It'll make you laugh, it'll change how you interact with students and others.

It all starts with:

1.  Accept every offer,

2.  Make your partner look good.

Great rules for a classroom, great rules for life!

Come join us, do some improv and learn about how you can bring these tools to students in your school and classroom!

NOTE: Registering for your school?  No worries, we can create invoices and accept school checks.  Any questions email

KickstartED by Connected learning

KickstartED by Connected learning

EdCollabitat at UMSL (map)

KickstartED is based on the amazingly successful StlSloup movement. KickstartED is a first of it's kind dinner that crowdfunds projects focused on innovations in education throughout the midwest region.

What does that mean?

KickstartED brings people together at a different venue, over a different dinner and a slate of community-based projects proposed by educators. For a donation of $10-20, you get heavy appetizers and a ballot to vote on the proposals. Vote for your favorite ideas, and the one with the most votes gets the money raised at the door!

Because Connected Learning is a 501(c)(3) KickstartED inputs are donated, every dollar raised at KickstartED goes directly to that night's winning idea. Even ideas that don’t win the cash pot still benefit from pitching their ideas, meeting interested attendees, and sometimes even sourcing what they needed, to begin with! We're excited to start KickstartED so presenters can have the benefit of possibly receiving extra in-kind support to fund their project from audience members who heard their idea and have something extra to give.

We're ready to raise tons of money to benefit innovation in education across our region!


Event Partners

CEAM: the Children's Education Alliance of Missouri is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that strives to advance innovative education policies and classroom practices. CEAM engages parents, teachers and community members to have their voices heard by education decision-makers.

UMSL College of Education: The College of Education at the University of Missouri St. Louis, is one of the state of Missouri's larger preparers of educators, and an education innovation hub bringing the best of what we know into one exciting learning space. Through our innovative programs, we are working to create synergistic relationship between practitioners, researchers, and education innovators. Practitioners include educators in formal and informal educational settings who support and influence children and youth. Scholars, while typically faculty, include others committed to a research-based approach to transforming youth learning outcomes. Education innovators are national and local practitioners, faculty, or others who take risks, try new things, invent or reinvent approaches that impact youth and educational systems in positive ways.

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