Urban Education Design Challenge

Urban Education Design Challenge

The Missouri History Museum (map)


Educators, Entrepreneurs, Caring Community Members, City, State, and Federal Officials


An Urban Education Design Challenge hosted by Connected Learning and The Missouri History Museum.

An evening of conversations, solution-making, and connection-making focused on the question: How might we interject and cultivate fresh solutions in our area school districts so that we can have a more supportive, effective, and authentic learning environment for all students. 


THU, DECEMBER 14, 2017, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST


The Missouri History Museum


To support learning, idea generation, and community building.

Downloadable Flyer:


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EdcampSTL 2018

EdcampSTL 2018

Ritenour High School (map)

Our Goals for #EdcampSTL:

1. Bring learners together in a choice-based, relevant, and enjoyable day of conversation, collaboration, and learning. This is an ‘UNconference’ that is led by the learner, not the system.

2. Learn out loud on Twitter, blogs, Flickr, Instagram with hashtags #EdcampSTL. Our learning can benefit others. Why keep it to ourselves? People around the world will follow the #EdcampSTL hashtag. (If you don’t know how to tweet yet, there will be sessions so you can learn it and join the fun and sharing!)

3. Untrapping the wisdom.  Great things are happening in classrooms all over the region.  We often tell our friends or colleagues or maybe even post it on facebook, but we never share it to strangers.  EdcampSTL will be home to the best and the brightest across the region, so share, SHARE BIG.  Share that little thing that makes your life easier and the BIG project that makes your room unique.  You know that website “Teachers pay Teachers?” Well, we’re going to be the opposite of that, we share FOR FREE because it’s not about us, it’s about our students and our community.


For those of you that haven't attended an edcampSTL event, please note that it is run in an unconference format. This means that the participants decides the topics of conversation and the direction of the learning. It is truly a conference by you and for you. It includes free breakfast and lunch as well as a ton of great prizes to finish the day.