Stories of Change: Book 2

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Stories of Change: Book 2

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High quality learning experiences for all students each day is one of those big hairy audacious goals that seems beyond grasp for most schools.. There are headwinds everywhere pushing back against places of learning. These challenges include financial struggles, facilities modernization, healthy students and staff, community-based trauma impacting families, poverty, and many more create a complexity in solution making. At the founding of Connected Learning, Chris McGee and I sought a new path, a path walked by the innovative educators that looked differently at the challenges in education. We wanted a place where positive energy flowed between and among classrooms, schools, and district, so that the normal silos of education would be replaced by new depths in collaboration. This has led to amazing moments where people have been able to share their unique skills and passions, and most importantly, the energy of Connected Learning is spreading, and more and more teachers are feeling how high quality learning experiences can create fresh joy and engagement in the classroom.

Stories of Change is a three part series designed to share the hard work and dedication of teachers in classrooms, schools dedicated to modern learning, and school districts striving for a greater definition of success. Connected Learning has found that sharing stories of success is one of best ways to spread great ideas, build positive momentum for innovation, and push back against the often misguided narrative that somehow schools throughout the area are failing communities and families. We continue to be encouraged by the impact of the hard work and dedication of educators throughout our region, and we hope that our Stories of Change series elevates a few of these narratives. We know that there are many more successes just like these sitting below the surface, and we encourage our allies in education to share, celebrate, and showcase these stories of change, so that all of us can continue to make sure that all students have incredible learning experiences each day in every classroom.

Authors of Volume 2

The Flexibility to Teach and Learn

Lori Kitrel - Rockwood

Making Math Add Up

Bob Deneau - Rockwood

A Forest, A Classroom and The Harmony of Seasonality -

Jessica Buckner - Raintree School

Demon Summoning and Stargazing

Dr. Michelle M. Oyola - Grand Center Arts Academy

STEM TEAM - Creating and Sustaining a Counterspace in a Co-Curricular Setting

Marie Draper and Chris Sellers - Jennings School District

Leveled Literacy and the Path to Focused Growth

Audrey Henebry - Troy School District

Conversations on Justice

Glenn Barnes - Connected Learning, Saint Louis Public Schools

Episode 23

Matt Weld - Connected Learning, Regional Office of Education- IL

Getting Ready for Reality

Dr. Kia Turner - Park University

Authors for Stories of change

Authors for Stories of change