On Friday, February 24, Armstrong Elementary, located in the Hazelwood School District, held a Family STEAM Night for their school community. During this hands-on event, community members participated in a variety of activities that focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The event organizer contacted Connected Learning to see how our team could lead a demonstration and discussion on designing video games using the available technology in their school. Manuel Herrera, a Connected learning leadership team member, headed out to the Hazelwood School District and participated in the event to contribute his knowledge on storytelling through game design.

Manuel demonstrated to students and parents that by combining a creative process with the game design platform, Bloxels, kids can tell imaginative stories and design a real video game that friends and family can play using a tablet device or smartphone.

“With their limitless imagination, students are incredible storytellers. Whether it's done verbally, written on paper or told through video games, their stories are an expression of their creative potential.”

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