Doing W.I.T.

Sarah Hernholm is the founder of the non-profit Whatever It Takes (WIT) which provides a college-level course for high school students where they learn entrepreneur and leadership skills while designing, launching and growing social impact projects. She admits she never set out to start this non-profit organization, but now her dream has become a reality and it’s impacting high schools across the country.


WIT started out of the idea that high school students need more leadership and business skills while at the same time students need more of a connection between school and the community. Through this program, students get the opportunity to reflect on what issues face their own community and then they come up with an idea to solve it. During the problem-solving process, students gain not only business knowledge but they also gain real-world skills such as résumé building, budgeting, and interviewing. Most importantly, students walk away from the experience feeling loved, valued, and heard. WIT cares about what students think and their ideas. They’re helping students learn to stand up for themselves and also for their communities.


“Whatever it takes.” That was Sarah’s motto as an elementary school teacher. The message is simple and that goal resonates across high schools too. This non-profit encourages students to #doWIT. Make a difference in the world, whatever it takes.


To hear more about Sarah and her vision, watch her TEDtalk here.

Show notes written by Steven Shaw
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