• Webster University (map)
  • 175 Edgar Road
  • Webster Groves, MO, 63119
  • United States

In partnership with New Creation International we’re bringing a new learning experience to connect you with, well, YOU!

In these two days the participants will have their first contact with the basis of Awareness Through the Body. The themes to be explored are:

  • Attention and Concentration: Exercises to direct and focus attention, and to build up the capacity for concentration.

  • Theoretical and practical exploration to come in contact with the different planes of the being.

  • Breathing: Activities to develop awareness of the breath and how breath affects the different parts of the being.

  • Relaxation: Exercises to enhance the capacity to consciously enter physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

The two day workshop is $150 If you are a counselor, or if you need information about needs-based scholarships, or if you just have questions, please contact Lakshmi Reddy


Amir Azulay - Certified ATB Trainer
Amir was born in Israel in 1969. He left Israel in 2000 with his wife, Tamar, on a journey to India, leaving behind a well-established business of 7 years. After three years of study and exposure to diverse disciplines aimed at expanding consciousness, they joined the International township of Auroville in South India, where the years of research into a deeper, more integral approach to education had given birth to the Awareness Through the Body (ATB) Program in Auroville schools.

During the following years, Amir was trained as an ATB facilitator under the guidance of the founders of this approach, Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. Since then he has focused on the ATB practice and teaching ATB to children in the Auroville schools, as well as offering workshops to adults.

Today, Amir is focused on reaching out with this discipline into wider India, United States, Israel and South Africa. He says, “ATB as a tool that aspires to facilitate a process of inner growth, to allow a chain of changes to unfold and manifest for a better life, and a better planet.

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