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  • 801 West Essex Avenue
  • Kirkwood, MO, 63122
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Event Canceled, but only for now, stay tuned for a new opportunity in the fall!

We're partnering with Belouga.org to put on a two day conference on global teaching competencies and the importance of "Curiosity-Based Learning.” This two-day event will bring clarity on global competencies, and instill a structure of curiosity in your classroom to get you and your students learning about the world, with the world.

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Event Details:

  • $100

  • 2 Days of Learning

  • 2 AMAZING Facilitators

  • Breakfast Included

  • Lunch Included

  • 1 Year Belouga School License

Tell Me More:

This two-day event is part of the Belouga Global Summit & Academy Series, introducing educators throughout Missouri to Belouga's curiosity-based learning methodology and ways it can be used within the classroom to bring any subject matter or lesson to life! By the end of the summit, participating educators can expect to understand the "Why" and "How" of global education, impacting teachers and students both in-and-out of the classroom, along with developing assets that project their own work and classroom.

With registration, attendees will also receive a 1-year subscription to Belouga's Continued Learning Community, loaded with professional learning opportunities, resources and lessons from educators, organizations and institutions from around the world, along with breakfast and lunch on both days.

Day 1: “What Makes a Belouga Academy?”

Day will cover:

a) The “Why” and "How"

b) What is Curiosity-Based Learning (and how do you use it)?

c) Why is global education vital to our present and future?

d) What are the elements of a Belouga Academy?

Day 2: Bringing (and Building) It All Together

Day will cover:
a) What is CLAI?
b) What is the CLC?
c) How do you build your voice into Belouga?
d) Share your first lesson with the world 

What is Belouga? And why are we doing this?

Tell me more about Belouga.org

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