• North Kirkwood Middle School (map)
  • 11287 Manchester Road
  • Kirkwood, MO, 63122
  • United States

Improv is so much more than comedy.  It's learning about discomfort, agreeing and running with an idea, it's truly listening to another person, it's empathy and putting yourself in another persons shoes.  You know what else?  It's FUN!  It'll make you laugh, it'll change how you interact with students and others.

It all starts with:

1.  Accept every offer,

2.  Make your partner look good.

Great rules for a classroom, great rules for life!

Come join us, do some improv and learn about how you can bring these tools to students in your school and classroom!

NOTE: Registering for your school?  No worries, we can create invoices and accept school checks.  Any questions email chris@clstl.org