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Education in its current form hasn't changed since its standardization in 1892. If you're anything like me, you'd like to shake some of that up a little bit. We've got to do something better/different/unique/special/well....innovative.

Coined by Clayton M. Christensen of Harvard University. Disruptive innovation in education is:

  1. the catalyst for bringing about more equitable access to high-quality education.

  2. is the mechanism for bringing about a personalized education system

  3. a process to circumvent the political battles that have historically been at the center stage of education reform.

Come ready to learn, connect and disrupt while we study together, connect with experts and create a little disruption of our own.

Cohort Overview

September 5:30pm- How disruption is done in other sectors (Business, Healthcare, etc.) and what education can learn from them.
October - Disrupting Class - Key takeaways, disruptive roundtable
November - Activists and Activism - How productive disruption leads to change
December - Now what?, introduce a disruption project, Introduce the Mastermind Process, Create Momentum.

*Specific Dates to be determined as speakers/venues are finalized.

Benefits of Joining the cohort

  • Meet other Disruptors in our region

  • Learn about Disruptive Innovation in Education

  • Have an online community to share resources, ideas, and connections

  • Receive a copy of the book "Disrupting Class"

  • Connect beyond the cohort on a "Disruption Project" of your own through a Mastermind Group structure

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