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A small group of passionate educators gathered in August to begin a journey.  Each telling their story of innovation, creativity, change and personal growth.  These stories, with the help of Dr. Robert Dillon, have come together to truly highlight the amazing stories of our region.  Without a publishing company, without massive pre-sales, without support from many foundations we sought for financial support, we persisted.  Our region's educators deserve to be heard, come celebrate their success!

Join us for our final of three book release parties.


Order your copy of the series here or preorder volume 3.

All copies of all books will be on sale at the event.

Outline of the event:

5:30 - 6:00 Welcome and networking
6:00 - 7:00 9, 5-minute presentations with a short break in between, TED-style delivered by the authors of Volume 3.
7:00 - 7:15 Through-line of the stories
7:15 - 7:45 Book signing by authors/educators.

What is Stories of Change?

Stories of Change is a three part series designed to share the hard work and dedication of teachers in classrooms, schools dedicated to modern learning, and school districts striving for a greater definition of success. Connected Learning has found that sharing stories of success is one of best ways to spread great ideas, build positive momentum for innovation, and push back against the often misguided narrative that somehow schools throughout the area are failing communities and families. We continue to be encouraged by the impact of the hard work and dedication of educators throughout our region, and we hope that our Stories of Change series elevates a few of these narratives. We know that there are many more successes just like these sitting below the surface, and we encourage our allies in education to share, celebrate, and showcase these stories of change, so that all of us can continue to make sure that all students have incredible learning experiences each day in every classroom.

Authors of Book 3

Coding is the New Cell Phone: Student Achievement Transformed

Dr. Wanda Davis - SLPS

The First Book

Amie C. Reed - O’Fallon IL

Activating Student Voice: The Wild Safari of Hiring A New High School Principal

Laura Steinbrink - Plato SD

We're Not There...YET

Patrice Bain - Veteran Educator, Author

A Novel Approach

Meaghan Harned - Barnes & Noble - Saint Louis

Make Yourself at Home

Shannon Anderson - Van Elementary School in Rensselaer, Indiana

Extra! Extra! Journalism Helps Students Achieve

Megan O’Brien - Hazelwood

The Humanity of Technology

Matt Lacy - Jackson

Connecting with Our Kids

Leslie Creath - Webster Groves

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