• Venture Cafe (map)
  • 4240 Duncan Avenue
  • St. Louis, MO, 63110
  • United States

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Event Synopsis:

Three schools will bring a problem worth solving.  Each will get 1 minute to speak/share.  10 minutes to answer questions from the crowd. 10 minutes to accept solutions.

Playing off the idea of companies pitching ideas to an audience, entrepreneurs pitching to venture capitals, this format allows the school to own the problem and the room to own the solutions.  With the problem known to the room solutions can be focused and meaningful.  


3 schools from the area to come with a problem worth solving by the community.  The Community will create possible solutions.

Event Format:

1.       We start with a 5 minute intro of the schools and the “rules” of the hour. 

2.       First school gets 1 minute to state their issue

3.       Audience gets 10 questions of the school or 10 minutes – whichever comes first.

4.       Audience captures solutions on their post it notes and puts on flip chart.  Audience is invited to tape their business card to the flip chart to allow the school leader to call/contact an individual who wishes to be a resource.

5.       Bell rings at 10 min; switch to the next, repeat

6.       Last five minutes are for last minute comments from the audience.

Registration and More Information